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Beautiful Short Good Night Quotes

1. “Good night. Hope to meet up with you in my dreams.”
2. “Wishing you a good night and sweetest dreams.”
3. “Every time I say good night, I’m really saying I love you.”
4. “Keep your worries aside and follow the night with new thoughts. Good night!”
5. “I just want to say, good night, sweet prince, may flight of angels sing thee to thy rest.”
6. “I wish you a good night’s sleep, sweet dreams, and a morning with a great smile.”
7. “All I wish is that I could be there to say good night instead of sending you this message.”
8. “Close your eyes, take a deep breath and have a sweet dream. Good night.”
Beautiful Short Good Night Quotes
9. “Life always offers you a second chance. It’s called tomorrow. Good night.”
10. “This is the end of the day, but soon there will be a new day. Good night and sweet dreams.”
11. “Every day I love you more than yesterday. Good night. Sweet dreams, my love.”
12. “Good night. You can sleep well knowing I’m here to chase away your fears.”
13. “Goodnight stars, goodnight air, goodnight noises everywhere.”
14. “Good night. Look up, we are both under the same starry sky.”
15. “Think of all the good moments of this day and keep a smile for tomorrow. Good night!”

Good Night Wishes

1. Good night to my beautiful girl that I wish I could hug so tightly tonight.
2. Good night and sweet dreams to my beautiful goddess who I love so much.
3. I realize every night how much I love you and I wish you a good sleep so tight.
4. Squeeze your pillow, close your eyes, and sleep tight, my beautiful girlfriend.
5. Wishing you a sweet night with peaceful sleep and tender dreams.
6. Tonight I fall asleep with you present in my heart. Good Night my love!
7. Rest easy my sweet dear and after you rest, wishing you the greatest morning.
8. I just love the way you stare at me. It’s brimming with love and passion
9. May your pillow be fluffy, and your sleep be long! Good night, friend!
10. May the angels protect my queen when she falls asleep. Good night, sweetheart.
11. You are the world to me, sweetheart. Good night, beautiful lady. Sweet dreams.
12. Let my love be the one to warm your heart tonight. Sleep well, baby.
13. Missing you more than I can express, thinking of you more than you know. 
14. Even the stars of the sky know how much I dream of you. Have a good night
15. May your dreams turn prettier than flowers and sweeter than honey! Good Night!

Sweet Dreams Quotes

1. “Wish for you a good night of sleep, sweet dreams, and a smiling morning.”
2. “I love the silent hour of the night, for blissful dreams may then arise.”
3. “Good night sleep tight, may your dreams take you on a wonderful flight.”
4. Now that the sun is out and the moon is taking its place, I hope you have a good night.
5. Sweet dreams, my love; I hope you will be able to sleep tight this very night.
6. Maybe tomorrow, things will be a whole lot different, so for tonight, have sweet dreams.
7. I am missing you, but the moon will be with you for tonight, so sleep tight.
8. I hope that you will have a fantastic night and that you will have sweet dreams.
9. You are going to need to rest and find peace in the day.
10. Tomorrow is but another day, so for tonight, just sleep and have sweet dreams.
11. Whenever I think about you, all my nightmares turn into sweet dreams, and I sleep better.
12. I want to thank you for making all of my sweetest dreams come to life.
13. Is tomorrow going to be as sweet as tonight? Because if so, I am looking forward to it.
14. Maybe we can have sweet dreams for tonight and just put all of our problems aside.
15. The sweetest dreams are the ones that have you in them, where we are together, you and I.

Good Night Quotes For Friends

1. Hi dear! I trust you have a great day? Just close and dream of angels. Everything is going to be alright. I’ve got you.
2. I can never be too busy to forget to wish my best friend a good night. Do have a wonderful rest.
3. The best way to end the day is by just closing your eyes and counting your blessings. You are indeed blessed. Good night dear.
4. May the night be filled with stars for you. May counting everyone, give you contentment!
5. Friend, you make me smile! I hope you are smiling, while you sleep!
6. All I want is to wish you a good night because my friend, you are the very last thought on my mind before I go to sleep!
7. Thanks for calling me and talking with me till late at night. Now, you need a good sleep. Good night my friend.
8. A friend is someone who believes in u when you don’t believe in yourself. Good night, dear friend!
9. Wishing you comfort, happiness, and a good night’s sleep!
10. I wish the moon always be full & bright and you always be cool & right. Whenever you go to switch off the light, remember that I’m wishing you …Good Night!
11. It feels really great to have a friend like you who I can always count on. Good night, sleep tight.
12. May your good night prayers reach the Angels who will immediately come down to watch you sleep. Good night dear friend.
13. Nighttime is mysterious; filled with shadows and hidden secrets. But you know what’s no secret? How much you mean to me! Good night, dear friend!
14. May you wake up with the brightest and most wonderful day ahead of you.
15. Good night to a lovely person on a lovely moment, to make life lovelier all through the way. Good night!

Good Night Love Quotes

1. The best that ever happened to me is you, my love. Good night, handsome.
2. You are the one who lights up my life. Good night love!
3. My love for you is pure, I will forever treasure you. Good night my love!
4. I am not afraid of the darkness as long as I know you are in my dreams. Good night my love.
5. My love for you is true. I promise always to be by your side. Good night love!
6. I wish there was a way I could take you in my arms and never let you go so that I could feel your warmth forever. Sweet dreams, my love!
7. My favorite part of the day is the night; it is when everything is peaceful and quiet. I hope you are enjoying it. Good night my love.
8. Tonight, I am sure I will have the best dreams as I have been with you throughout the day. Good night, love.
9. May the night reward you abundantly for the amazing person that you are! Have a wonderful night my love.
10. Darling, the only person that I want to be with is you. See you in my dreams, my love. Goodnight sweetheart, I love you.
11. Sweetheart, I wish you the sweetest dreams in your sleep. I am madly in love with you. Have a peaceful sleep, my love.
12. Before you drift to dreamland, I want to thank you for all the great things you have done for me. I love you so much. Good night!
13. Sweetheart, every single day and night my thoughts are filled with you. I deeply love you.  Good night my love!
14. It is such a blessing to have you in my life. Sweet dreams my love!
15. You are my world, my rock, and my love. Good night beautiful and sweet dreams love.

Good Night Thought

1. May the glow of the moon make your life glowing, May you achieve comfort, Good Night.
2. The night seems beautiful when you come to dream, Good Night.
3. I wish that your all worries sleep down this night and you feel wonderful, Good Night.
4. Keep in style, who doesn’t understand you, ignore that, Good Night.
5. May this night shine with stars that give you the pleasure of dreams. Good Night.
6. There can’t be change yesterday but tomorrow is always in your hands, Good Night.
7. Your small change can give birth to a big tomorrow, Good Night.
8. The people who live in dreams, they don’t sleep at night, Good Night.
9. Success doesn’t get within one day, but if you determine it, definitely get one day. Good Night.
10. Life gives us second chance, we call it “tomorrow”, Good Night.
11. Good night, Sleep tight, Sleep better, and hope to have an awesome tomorrow.
12. I love sleep because it brings new challenges every day to make me more stronger.
13. To Sleep peacefully give others peace and lead a life of Positivity.
14. Sleep true blessings from God, not everyone has it Good night.
15. Have a sleep of gratitude and sleep with a pure heart that gives huge satisfaction.

Good Night Whatsapp Status

1. A day is going to end again. It is nice to have a friend like you making my everyday seems so great. Good night and sweet dreams.
2. A bed of clouds for you to sleep, Diamond stars as your bedside lamp, Angels from heaven singing lullabies for you, May you sleep peacefully throughout the night. “Good Night”
3. Baby I miss you, please close your eyes and meet me in my dreams.
4. You are the reason why I have sleepless nights, why I tend to hold my pillow tight and I can’t sleep without saying good night.
5. Every night, it’s an endless battle between Sleep and The Internet.  Good Night
Good Night Whatsapp Status
6. Those who snore always fall asleep first.
7. Don’t forget to pray tonight because god didn’t forget to wake you up this morning.
8. Good Night Face book family and friends. wish you pleasant dreams and restful sleep. See you tomorrow.
9. Time to end a shitty day and start again tomorrow.
10. Stars light stars bright, you are the only star I see tonight, I wish I might be there guarding your dreams tonight, Good night and sweet dreams.
11. She- Describe me in one word? Me Mine.
12. Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet? sweet dreams.
13. Sweet Dreams Sleep Tight, I love you & Good Night.
14. One day, you will never have to say goodbye, only GOOD NIGHT.
15. I can’t keep my eyes open, can’t keep myself from yawning, my warm comfy bed is calling me, and I can’t resist!! good night.

Heart Touching Good Night Quotes

1. You can only enjoy your night if you stop thinking about yesterday and don’t worry about tomorrow. So, get a good sleep and dive into your favorite dream. Good night.
2. Every time I feel mired in the cares of life, I simply plunge into the beautifully endless abyss of memories of our friendship. Good night.
3. Use every second of the night to dream of everything you want to achieve in life and use every second of the next day to fulfill every dream you saw last night. Goodnight friend.
4. I will be someone who will help you shave the dark clouds and find the stars in the darkest part of your life. Goodnight friend!
5. Sometimes I’m awkward, but I never think I don’t care. Anyway, for you, I will always be there. Good night.
6. Good afternoon, my friend, you are the star that God must send to shine in the dark sky, leaving me with a warm smile.
7. I spent a day without you, but it is not as happy as those days when I am with you. I miss you, my friends! I hope to see you tomorrow. Good night!
8. True friendship is where whims are celebrated, eccentricities are applauded, and idiosyncrasies are displayed. Ours is exactly like this. Good night.
9. Afternoons are simply blessings for looking at and working on your mistakes. Never miss an opportunity to fly over your day with your good night tea. Good night, sweet dreams!
10. Stop all struggles that you had in a day, it’s time to relax and see beautiful dreams Good night my friend!
11. Night is a good time to go back to your day and think about all the things you have done. Enjoy your night with positive thoughts. Good night!
12. If you see this message, you are an idiot because only an idiot can ignore the beauty of tonight by checking random messages on his cell phone! Good Night!
13. You don’t need good weather to enjoy tonight. What you need is to kill a lot of mosquitoes so that I can relax and have my coffee in peace! Good night!
14. I love you like roses love rain, like walking together down memory lane. Sleep tight, my Love.

Good Night Quotes For Her

1. Going to bed with you means much more than just sex. But, sex with such a gorgeous woman is a giant incentive. Good night, my love. 
2. You’re so rock-solid during the day, then look like a sweet little sparrow when you sleep.
3. Wishing amazing dreams to an amazing wife, amazing mother, and amazing-like-I-think-the- world-is-on-fire lover.
4. As you go to sleep, I want you to remember what a good person you are. Remember that I admire you and care for you. Sweet dreams, my love.
5. Good night, love.  I hope you have sweet and lovely dreams XO.
6. I was just thinking about you and wanted to say good night, wishing you a peaceful night’s sleep.  I love you and I’ll see you in the morning.
7. I just wanted to say good night my love and sleep tight.  I am going to try and fall asleep myself soon, but it’s always hard without you!
8. I miss you like crazy, sweet dreams, my love, enjoy a peaceful sleep tonight, and dream about me, as I will be dreaming of you.
9. Good night, sweetheart, I hope you fall into a deep and refreshing sleep. I can’t wait to see your cute face in the morning!    
10. Before you close your eyes tonight, remember that I care and cherish you like no other. Good night, beautiful. 
11. Nothing in this world can overshadow how much I love you… Good night sweet lady.   
12. Good luck with your presentation tomorrow! You got this… you are beautiful. strong, and intelligent. Have a good night’s rest!
13. It is time to get some rest so that we can have the energy to move on tomorrow with our lives together forever and ever.
14. The moon has come closer to the earth, just like you have come closer to me in my life. Good night.
15. Your tender skin is one of the best things I adore about you. I can’t wait to hold you tight and kiss your skin again. Good night, dear!

Good Night Message For Him

1. “Sweet dreams to the man of my dreams”
2. “I know it’s not true, but my heart still believes that the moon shines for just me and U. Good night.”
3. “Sweet dreams, to the guy whose love makes me burst out at the seams.”
4. “I don’t mind having even the scariest nightmares, as long as I am woken up by you. Good night.”
5. “I couldn’t fall asleep unless I told you how much I miss you – love you and goodnight!”
6. “If u ever feel lonely, look to the sky… Always know that I’m somewhere beneath that sky wishing all the best for you. Good night… sweet dreams!”
Good Night Message For Him
7. “My life with you is an eternal fairy tale, it is a holiday, that will never end, with you I forgot about frustration and longing. Thank you for what is being in my life, sweet dreams.”
8. “I want to tell you so much before bedtime, to share my feelings and emotions, but words are not enough to describe the whole range of my feelings for you, so I’ll just tell you that I love you and I wish you a good night.”
9. “I do not breathe, do not live, do not exist in time and space without you. I am madly in love with you, sweet dreams, my Mr. Right!”
10. Today was amazing… you are amazing! Good night!
11. Btw, you were absolutely adorable today when you <insert cute thing> and I’m just grinning to myself over here remembering it. Good night, babe!
12. You make me feel safe when we’re together. I miss you already… sweet dreams.
13. Your arms. I miss them right now! Good night.
14. Wish you were here so I could feel those strong arms wrapped around me all night long. 
15. I’m just laying here so thankful I have such a sweet boyfriend to text good night to.

Goodnight Message To My Love

1. In sleep we must be apart, my love, but rest assured for I will dream of you till we meet again. Goodnight, darling.
2. There is no distance that I might not go to tonight just to be with you and to wish you a very warm good night.
3. Just checking in to say Hi, hoping that you had a fruitful day and wishing for a very comfortable night’s sleep ahead, goodnight.
4. You are the first thing that comes to my mind when I wake up and you are the last thing on my head when I fall asleep. In short, I cannot stop thinking about you. Goodnight.
5. I wonder how well you sleep at night, and what kind of dreams you have. I wish I could step into them like you step into mine. Goodnight beautiful.
6. I am counting down the minutes until I see the morning sun because it will mark the start of the day when I will see you again. Goodnight, my love.
7. Did you know there are 86400 seconds in a day? I have missed you for every one of those. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.
8. I wish I had the words to tell you how much you mean to me, but no matter how much I try, they never sound right. I will dream of you all night.
9. My life has changed so much since I met you, I hope it never goes back to the way it was before. I can’t wait to see you in my dreams.
10. Goodnight, sweet angel, and join your fellow stars among the heavens. I will wait here on the earth for your sweet return.
11. Goodnight my sweet princess; tonight my dreams are filled with your smile.
12. Goodnight, love. Rest those beautiful eyes of yours.
13. I hope you sleep peacefully through the night. While my heart repeats your name, I know I will.
14. I want to fall asleep and wake up to your kiss; tonight, tomorrow, and every day that follows.
15. I am in my bed, you are in yours. One of us is obviously in the wrong place.

Good Night Motivational Quotes

1. Tomorrow is a new day and a new start to make things the best they can be! Let someone know what they mean to you! Good night!
2. You have been running all day for work and family. As the day comes to an end I wish you a night filled with peace. Good Night.
3. Pass the night with smiles and you shall wake up fully replenished for all your day’s activities. Sweet dreams, dear!
4. Nothing can shatter your aspirations if you are truly determined to bring them into reality. Here is wishing you a good night’s sleep!
5. Employ patience in everything you do and you shall always be crowned with success. Good night!
6. Remember this: An ending is always the start of something new. Good night! 
7. Before you fall asleep every day, say something positive to yourself.
8. I dream of the day when each night will end with a good night and not goodbye. That day will come soon.
9. Feed only positive thoughts into your mind as you fall asleep, and you will wake energized and armed to face a new day.
10. Never go to sleep with anger in your heart. Lie down and let the darkness lift the pain and bitterness away before you fall asleep. You will wake up refreshed and ready. 
11. Ever wonder why your pets seem to sleep so peacefully? It’s because they have no guilt, shame, worry, jealousy, ambition, or greed.
12. The internet is closed for the night. Go to sleep, and get those great ideas percolating.
13. Holding on to pain can make you hate that which you love most. Resolve to let sleep ease the pain away. Start with a fresh light tomorrow.
14. May you fall asleep in a comforting cloud of dreams that will define the purpose of tomorrow’s adventures.
15. The day is almost becoming history. A new day will start again, which brings hope and new dreams. Have a good night’s sleep and be ready for the new day. Goodnight.

Romantic Good Night Messages

1. Knowing I will spend the rest of my night dreaming with you is enough to get me sleepy. I never want to lose what we have. Sleep well, dear one.
2. Sweet lady, have a blissful night ahead. I hope you will wake up feeling as majestic and beautiful as ever. Never let anything put you down.
3. My sweet lady, I presume your day has been as lovely as you are. Sleep and rest well, so you can wake up younger and more energetic for the big day tomorrow. Goodnight.
4. Hello, sweetie. I just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you all day. Have a rewarding night and pleasant dreams. I love you.
5. Good Night, my love. I hope you sleep well and have the best dreams. I love you so much. I can’t wait to see you in the morning.
6. May the stars bring you closer to my love, and may the moon show you how much you mean to me. Good night.
7. Look up to the sky and see how the stars are dancing and showcasing my deep love for you.
8. Good night darling, bear in mind that I love you to the point that seeing you in my dreams this night! And even in all nights till the end of my life.
9. You are far from my heart but ill will never forget you, as every evening I wish you the best of nights ever with plenty of nice dreams; miss you.
10. Throughout this message, a kiss has just landed on your lips and end by taking you to a world of softness so that your eyes get closed for a night strewn by sweet dreams!
11. A little message to tell you, this evening, how much I love you and how much I am lucky to have you in my life! Good night, love you.
12. I send you this message loaded with love and tenderness to wish you the sweetest night ever! Sleep well; love you.
13. The stars say good night to you, the Jasmine flower perfumes your bed, and my heart says I love you forever!
14. Don’t be late for sleeping to join me in the dreams.
15. In the calm and silence of this night I have to kiss you and say good night my love.

Funny Good Night Messages

1. Sun wouldn’t be red, Sea wouldn’t be blue, I wouldn’t be cheerful, Without disturbing you! Good Night!
2. The night seems to be pretty boring so let’s have a date! Get into your pajamas, lie down on your bed and meet me in your dreams!
3. The only way I can guarantee you a sweet dream is by dreaming about me. So, what are you waiting for? Sleep tight!
4. Nothing can take your valuable place in my life except a good night’s sleep. I am off to it, you do that too. Love yaa. Sweet dreams.
5. There are two things to focus on throughout everyday life; first to get what you want, and after that to appreciate it. Only the wisest of humankind have accomplished the second.
6. We live in the era of smartphones and stupid people.
7. Let the most beautiful dream come to you tonight, Let the sweetest person come in your fantasy tonight but don’t make it a habit, Because I’m not free every night, Good Night!
8. If you see an angel next to you hit him, and send him to take care of you and not bother. Goodnight.
9. Lazy content from a lethargic playmate to a tired sweetheart at a tiring time on a sleepy day, feeling languid to state rest tight my dear goodnight.
10. Good night to you, sweetheart! I guess sleeping in your bed is as comfortable as falling asleep in my arms or else I’m coming over!
11. You will have a hard day tomorrow, lie down to rest. I am always with you, even if I am not with you physically, but in the mind – permanently. Sweet dreams.
12. The most handsome man wishes a good night to the prettiest woman in the world!
13. Don’t fear, today monsters won’t visit you as I will protect your sleep. Kisses and good night.
14. Don’t waste thinking about your lost past, Don’t waste time planning your future, and Better kill some mosquitoes with that time So that you can sleep better. Good Night.
15. The day is over, it’s time for rest. Sleep well my dear you gave it your best. Tomorrow comes, oh so soon, close your eyes and awake before noon.

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