Top Best New Famous Hater Quotes and Saying

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Hater Quotes and Saying

“Don’t give anyone the power to put you down. Haters are losers pretending to be winners.” – Paulo Coelho                                
“I don’t think haters are small-minded; it’s more tragic than that. I think they’re great-minded, but choose to sell themselves short every day.“ – Steve Maraboli
“In time we hate that which we often fear.” – William Shakespeare
“From the deepest desires often come the deadliest hate.” – Socrates
“Haters are just confused admirers because they can’t figure out the reason why everyone loves you.” – Jeffree Star
“Haters will broadcast your failure, but whisper your success.” – Drake
“I think that everybody wants to be heard, and the easiest way to be the loudest is to be the hater.” – Tavi Gevinson
“Those people, who hate you, envy your freedom.“ – Santosh Kalwar
“They don’t hate you. They hate themselves and take it out on you. There’s a difference.” – Ritu Ghatourey
“There will be haters, there will be doubters, there will be non-believers, and then there will be you proving them wrong.” ― Jennifer Van Allen
“There will be haters, there will be doubters, there will be non-believers, and then there will be you proving them wrong.” ― Jennifer Van Allen
“Always find a way to profit from the actions of your haters. When they go low, use them as stepping stones!”― Bohdi Sanders
“Don’t worry about the haters… Zombies always attack the living. Just do your thing. Most of the people criticizing you are doing it from their couch.” ― Steve Maraboli
“They may call your victories, “lucky”… They may mock your failures… They may laugh at your heartache… But still, they will never be happy. This is the cyclical emptiness of the hater mindset.” ― Steve Maraboli
“Haters will unwittingly give you the inspiration you need to conquer your great obstacle of destiny if you did not give up” ― Sunday Adelaja
“Never let hatred give you an escort. It will drag your attention from all fortunes along the way.” ― Israelmore Ayivor
“Most haters are stuck in a poisonous mental prison of jealousy and self-doubt that blinds them to their own potentiality.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience
“When God takes out the trash, don’t go digging back through it. Trust Him.”― Amaka Imani Nkosazana, Heart Crush
“Friends ask you questions; enemies go around asking others about you looking for the answer they want to believe” ― Maria Nieves

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