English love poetry - Doubt was there will be loss in love

 Doubt in a Relationship: Toxic or Important?

Doubt is not an important factor in a relationship. You can't build a relationship based on doubt and confusion. It is built on trust and once a fear or doubt comes to your mind, your relationship becomes toxic.

There is no room for doubt in a loving relationship because your partner will not find you unwelcome. If you find that your partner has been lying to you or lying to you for a long time, you need to sit down with your partner and talk about it.

I have seen many women and men who are suspicious of their partners. Checking the phone, hitting the cane on Facebook, hunting down an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend and even Google tracking down your partner is a common practice that should be avoided.

Spying and suspecting is toxic to your relationship because no one likes a nanny / needy girlfriend / boyfriend. In fact, I have seen marriages end in confusion, jealousy, and insecurity. Love and doubt can never live together in a relationship and it is time to work on yourself instead of following your partner.

English love poetry - Doubt was there will be loss in love

Doubt was there will be loss in love

But ..

I did not know that everything would be mine..