Love sad urdu status Poetry - Mohabat wo hai joo jazbat ko samajta ho

Want to spend more time with someone? Do you feel the urge to be close to someone in your life?
Do you want to hear someone laugh and laugh with them? If they cry, do you want to keep them close and make them better? Looks like you're in love!
Love is a feeling that is very sacred. Sometimes, love gets entangled in lust.
The idea of physical love versus emotional love has been explored here so that you can know if it is the love you are looking for or not.

Emotional love

Get involved in something that makes sense to both of you. To deepen the emotional bond in your marriage, you can engage in activities that you both enjoy. Walking, cooking together can be anything from skydiving.

Create a safe environment for intimate conversation. Set aside a small amount of your day to sit down with your spouse and just talk even if it's an hour a day. Stay away from any distractions and make sure you put your prejudices and decisions aside.
Be more serious, ask tough questions, and just listen with interest.

Love sad urdu status Poetry - Mohabat wo hai joo jazbat ko samajta ho
Love sad urdu status Poetry 

محبت وہ ہے جو جذبات کو سمجھتا ہو ،

اپنی سانس سے کہیں کہ درد کو تبدیل نہ کریں

کبھی کبھی محبت کا ایک موسم بھی آئے گا…

دل کی دھڑکن سے کہو ، روح کے جذبے کو مت بدلاؤ

Mohabat wo hai joo jazbat ko samajta ho

aapni sans se kahy ke dard ko tabdeel na kare

kabi kabi payar ka ik mosam bhi ay gaa

dill ki darkan se kaho, roh ke jazbat ko mat badlao

Love is that which understands emotions,

Tell your breath not to change the pain

Sometimes a season of love will come

Tell the heartbeat, don't change the spirit

प्यार वो है जो भावनाओं को समझता है,

अपनी सांस से कहें कि दर्द को न बदलें

कभी-कभी प्यार का मौसम आएगा

दिल की धड़कन बताओ, आत्मा को मत बदलो

اگر آپ کو ہماری پوسٹ پسند آئی ہے تو براہ کرم اسے سوشل میڈیا پر شیئر کریں۔ شکریہ

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