Urdu love poetry - main ab bhee i love you kahata hoon



Falling in love is really a journey. Stages, climbing, steep trails, slippery and everything in between.

When you say "I love you" for the first time, it has a very different meaning than when you say it in a year (or even at this point) in a relationship.

You are getting together, you are facing new situations on both individual and couple levels and, thus, the definition of "I love you" is formed with your relationship.

However, you say it (through tears or laughter), wherever you say it (good voice in the morning or after the first thing), and whenever you say it (three months or three years) a The thing is always permanent: there is something kind of love present.

میں اب بھی کہتا ہوں کہ میں آپ سے محبت کرتا ہوں ,Urdu love poetry

Main ab bhee i love you kahata hoon

lekin ab koee javaab nahin hai.

main hamesha aapakee majodgi

 mahasoos karata hoon

maano tumane mujhe kabhee nahin chora...

میں اب بھی کہتا ہوں کہ میں آپ سے محبت کرتا ہوں ،

لیکن اب کوئی جواب نہیں ہے۔

میں ہمیشہ آپ کی موجودگی کو محسوس کرتا ہوں

گویا آپ نے کبھی میرا رخ نہیں چھوڑا۔

मैं अब भी आई लव यू कहता हूं

लेकिन अब कोई जवाब नहीं है।

मैं हमेशा आपकी उपस्थिति महसूस करता हूं

मानो तुमने मुझे कभी नहीं छोड़ा।

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