English Poetry | Mourning Father (group poem)

English Poetry Mourning Father group poem

Mourning Father (group poem)

Mourning father (1)

Wenfu will not be there and drove through the pass.

It's the limit speed, I still feel like a slow turtle race.

The wind is noisy, and the car screams and its wings suddenly come.

But the messenger came back soon and bowed three times before the bed.

Mourning father (two)

Speeding into the famous mountain, the mourning of the immortal passing away.

This life is father and son, but stingy.

Since yin and yang are separated, there is no relative eye.

Suddenly sad and hollow, tears like three rivers.

Mourning Father (3)

The ancestor went to Yantai, ten miles away from Tianyin.

Covering the coffin to break the past, closed his eyes and debts.

The mortal body falls, the fairy walks on the clouds.

I repaired compassion and gave jade medals to the three Qings.

Nouman is looking for a fairy wife, and the butterflies come together.

The man wears a yellow-brown robe, and the woman's dress is green and blue.

I want to caress my children, but I have nothing to say.

From then on, the sky is in harmony, and the eyes are sorrowful.

Mourning father (four)

The moon enters the deep mountains and the shadows are thin.

The fog came to relieve the worries but taught Qinghui to escape west.                

Mourning Father (5)

Chunhua threw away its branches overnight, sorrowful and sorrowful.

The incense candle wanted to lead back to the road but made Fanxin listen to the wind and rain. 

Mourning Father (6)

How many days are the stars in the mountains? Fengxian crossed by candlelight in front of the hall.

I wonder how many dreams will be fulfilled after this year's 100 issues?                

 Mourning Father (7)

The fairy drove a crane to Yantai, where did the sadness come from in the dream?

Seeing things but not people facing each other, I only hate filial piety in front of me.

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