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Friendship and love

Love and friendship have in common deep affection, respect, loyalty, and a sense of commitment. In fact, in friendship, there is always love, and in love, generally, friendship.

They differ in several ways. For example, love sets out to last forever, and in fact, the marriage vow establishes it. On the other hand, friendship, not tied to more commitment than mutual affection, tends to be more solid than love.

One of the main issues in which love and friendship differ lies in the mutual sexual attraction that love implies, although there are cases in which friendship is passed to love.

Furthermore, friends may have infinite reasons for being friends (sharing the same spaces --such as work or school--, common interests, related passions, mutual admiration), while those who love each other may have absolutely nothing in common and, without However, strongly wanting to be together.

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Heart touching poetry in urdu

*پھر اُس کے بعد کٹی عمر غم اٹھانے میں*

*ہمیں بھی عشق ہوا تھا کسی زمانے میں*

*Phir os  ke baad Kati Umar Gham uthane mein*

*humain bhi ashq howa tha kisi zamanemein*

* Then in the grief of Kitty Omar after that *

* We also fell in love at some point *

* फिर उसके बाद किटी उमर के गम में *

* हमें भी किसी समय प्यार हो गया *

اگر آپ کو ہماری پوسٹ پسند آئی ہے تو براہ کرم اسے سوشل میڈیا پر شیئر کریں۔ شکریہ

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