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It's Hard to Beat a Person who Never Gives up.  If you Try and Lose Then it is Not your Fault.  Make a Pact With yourself Today To Not Be Defined By your Past. allpoetrylife

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If you Try And Lose Then it isn't your Fault, But if you Don't Try And we Lose, Then it's All your Fault.
I'm a Greater Believer in Luck, And I Find The Harder I work The more I Have of it.
If People knew how Hard I had to work to Gain my Mastery, it would not seem so Wonderful at All.
The writer's curse is That even in Solitude, No Matter its Duration, he never Grows Lonely or Bored.
Your Friends will Believe in your Potential, your Enemies will Make you Live up to it.
Sometimes There's Not a better way, Sometimes there's only the Hard way.
It Doesn't Matter how Great your Shoes are if you Don't Acomplish Anything in Them.